Hiking equipment I'm packing my backpack with ...?

So that nothing stands in the way of a perfect hiking trip, it requires a well thought-out hiking equipment. Especially with children it is important and indispensable to start well prepared into a hiking adventure.

Please think in advance about:

  • good footwear: not only hiking shoes, but also suitable socks are very important 
  • your own safety: inform yourself about hiking routes and stay on the marked paths
  • your cell phone: please charge it sufficiently and save emergency numbers (euro emergency call 112 or mountain rescue 140)

Environmental tip:  Remember that empty packaging material should not be disposed of in the forests and meadows. Please use the installed trash cans or take it with you to the valley!

Checklist for your backpack: This should definitely be in your backpack

  • Plenty of fluids and food: water or tea is the best choice, as well as a healthy snack (for motivation or for difficult situations you can also pack a cookie or two)
  • Rain protection in case of unstable weather 
  • Small first aid kit and blister plasters
  • T-shirt and pants in reserve (spare clothing never hurts with children)
  • Headgear
  • Sunscreen (never hurts at any time of the year)
  • Sunglasses if needed
  • Pocket knife/torch (you never know)
  • Cash

How do I pack my backpack correctly?

Pack rain gear and spare clothes at the bottom, you only need this in an emergency. Make sure that your water bottle, snacks and sunscreen are packed at the top of the backpack. This is what you need quickly at hand. In the lid pocket is space for the phone, cash, blister plaster and pocket knife.