with kids

Hiking with kids Tips for a great hiking day with your loved ones

Hiking together is fun! This motto can motivate your kids to go an a hiking adventure with you. To avoid boredom you can make a discovery tour together, sing songs or explore the secrets of the forest and meadows.

Our tips:

  • Leave no room for boredom: funny hiking songs, exciting stories or games can help
  • Enthusiasm and high spirits are motivating and contagious: if the adults are motivated this automatically rubs off to the kids 
  • Planning is everything: inform yourself about the ideal hiking routes before you start and don't expect too much from your child. Take regular breaks! 
  • Together it's more fun! Invite antother family or friends to join you!

Hiking routes with kids Our tips for you:

  • cable car mountain station - Waldlehrweg zum Laudachsee – Bergstation (easy, 2 hours) 
  • cable car mountain station - variant of Waldlehrweg over Hochgschirr in Gmunden 
  • Rund um den Laudachsee (easy, 40 minutes) 
  • cable car mountain station – Radmoos – Mitterweg – Grünbergbauer – Gmunden (easy, 2 hours) 
  • cable car mountain station – Radmoos – Mitterweg – GH Hois’n (easy to medium, 2 hours) 
  • cable car mountain station – Ortnersteig – Silberroith – Gmunden (medium, 1 hour) 
  • cable car mountain station– Laudachsee - Hohe Scharte – Mairalm – GH Hoisn/Traunsee (difficult, 4 hours)


The indicated duration of the hiking routes may vary and differ depending on the age and athleticism of the family members. Please inform yourself extensively before you start which hiking route is best for you and your children!

Der Blick von der Sonnenterrasse der Grünbergalm führt über den Abenteuerspielplatz und den Niederseilgarten am Grünberg.


and low rope course

Treetop path

with high tower
Mama und Kind während der rasanten Fahrt mit der Sommerrodelbahn am Grünberg


summer toboggan run