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Photovoltaic installation Resource-efficient cable car operation on the Grünberg

As a cable car company, we also focus on sustainability and a resource-efficient handling of the environment, which is why we are constantly trying to develop further in this area.

At the end of 2021, the Grünberg cable car began installing a photovoltaic system. Over 90 solar modules were installed on the roofs of the cable car stations. 

The PV systems at the Grünberg in Gmunden generate a total of approximately 37,000 kWh per year, with a self-consumption rate of over 80% for both systems. Through grid-parallel operation, the excess energy generated is fed into the interconnected grid. This has not only a sustainable but also an economic benefit. 

System facts: Photovoltaic system at Grünberg

Total system size: 34,65 kWp
System performance mountain station: 23,870 kWp
System performance valley station: 10,78 kWp
Mountain station: 62 solar modules
Valley station: 28 solar modules
Self-consumption rate 80% mountain, 85% valley
System parallel operation Grid-parallel operation
Installation: 06.10.2021    
Maintenance: 1x/year
Measurement: all 3 years
Installation & Maintenance: Stromwerkstatt GmbH
Fahrt mit der Traunseebahn von Vorchdorf oder Lambach nach Gmunden und retour

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